By Raymond Briggs

Adapted for the stage by Pins and Needles

Ever wondered what it would be like to sit on a polar bear's lap? 

Or ride on its back? 

Have you ever tried to give a bear a bath?

Or clear up its poo?!

Looking after a bear is exhausting stuff.


One night when she's fast asleep, an enormous snowy white bear climbs into Tilly's bedroom. It has a big black tongue and a yawn as big as your head. But Tilly's not scared. 


'The Bear' is a heart-warming and humorous wintry tale from the team that brought you the hugely successful 'Father Christmas'. Pins and Needles are delighted to be bringing to life another of Raymond Briggs' much-loved storybooks.


With dazzling puppetry, delicious music, dreamy storytelling, and dozens of laughs, 'The Bear' is an unforgettable experience for the whole family and a perfect introduction to theatre for little people.


So bring a bear, and join Tilly and her great big white friend on a wild and magical adventure.


Abby Wain (Tilly)

Elena Stephenson (Mum / Puppeteer)

John Winchester (Dad / Puppeteer )